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Posted by Brian D Smith on Feb 13th 2020

Roots Salon Professional and Treasured Locks

I'm excited to announce the partnership between Treasured Locks and Roots Salon Professional. Roots Salon Professional is a line of hair loss products that are simply the most effective products you can buy over the counter. They are based on bioscience with ingredients clinically proven to prevent, stop and reverse hair loss. I want to talk about two different types of hair loss and how these products can work with them.

If you'd prefer to view a video rather than reading, here you go!

Let's start with the base of the product line, which is the Imperium Shampoo and Conditioner. These are for use by everyone who's experiencing hair loss or who thinks they might experience hair loss; both men and women. And, there are the Imperium Shampoo and Conditioner enhanced with CBD, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

In addition to the shampoos and conditioners, Roots makes a series of topical products applied directly to the scalp twice a day. You will choose a topical product based on the type of hair loss you are experiencing. The first type of hair loss is sudden reversible hair loss, which is also known as telogen effluvium. Telogen effluvium is when the majority of the hair goes from the growth phase which it is normally in, into a rest phase, where it's not growing. The growth phase is known as the anagen phase. The rest phase is the telogen phase. Normally, the majority of the hairs on your head are in the growth phase. They will stay in this phase for years. After the growth phase, they go into a short transitioning phase. When they go from this transition phase to the rest phase, this is when the hairs are easily shed from the head. Telogen effluvium can happen for a variety of reasons.

Let's talk about the products and what they address. The first one I'm going to talk about is a product called CARE. CARE is a gentle product that works with this condition that might be brought on by things such as after having a baby (postnatal) or around menopause (peri or post-menopause, nutritional deficiencies or chemotherapy and a number of other stressors. CARE works gently to regrow lost hair due to telogen effluvium.

The second product I want to talk about is D-Stress. D-Stress was developed for hair loss triggered by stress. D-Stress works with your body to naturally regrow hair lost due to stress.

The third topical product I want to talk about, which is really exciting, is called Power Extensions. It's the first of its kind. Hair loss can be caused by the hair being pulled too tightly over long periods of time. Extensions or braids that are worn too tight to lead physical stress on the scalp that leads to something called traction alopecia. Power Extensions is designed specifically to address those concerns.

That's the sudden reversible type of hair loss. Those three products we talked about CARE, D-Stress and Power Extensions address this type of hair loss.

The second major category of hair loss is a more long term irreversible hair loss caused by genetics We commonly call it male pattern balding. It more often impacts men. But, it can also affect women. For that we recommend Power Up, which is a very powerful product that can reverse this type of hair loss on a temporary basis. Since this type of hair loss is typically permanent, treatment must also be permanent unlike the temporary, situational hair loss addressed by the previous three products we discussed.

Power Up can be combined with a product called minoxidil, which you may be familiar with. Minoxidil has been used in a 2% solution for many many years by both men and women. Roots Salon Professional produces a 5% extra strength minoxidil, which is much more effective. The Roots Professional Extra Strength 5% Minoxidil used with Power Up and the Imperium Shampoo and Conditioner are a powerful combination for this most stubborn type of hair loss that typically occurs to men and is a genetic thing. 5% minoxidil is not recommended for use by women who are pregnant or who could become pregnant.

That's a very high level four-minute overview of the Roots Salon Professional line, which we are very excited to have. We know you're going to find this to be an effective product line for any type of hair loss you may be experiencing. All of the products are available for sale immediately at where you can also find additional details.