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Repair Summer Damaged Hair

August 15, 2018


What's that sound? It's the end of summer. While the official end of summer is a few weeks away (Labor Day), many of us are thinking back to school already. Summertime fun, time at the beach, time in the pool, hours in the sun, are all great for our psyches, but sometimes not so great for our hair. Sun and chlorine can wreak havoc on African American hair. Now's the perfect time to think about repairing any damage incurred during these summer months. Black hair care is important any time of the year. Use these transition times as a reminder to take care of your hair.

Hydration, conditioning and proper diet will help. Now is a great time to deep condition your hair. If you remember to trim damaged ends a the beginning of a new season, you'll prevent them from getting too bad. It's never a bad thing to have the proper nourishment to make sure new growth comes in healthy and robust.

Treasured Locks can help in all of these areas.  Our Deep V Conditioner is explicitly made to help repair damage and get hair back in great shape. Our SuperNatural Curl Tamer is a 100% natural product that provides vital nutrients to hair and scalp. Our H2G Hair Growth Shampoo and its companion conditioner will ensure your hair never gets too far out of shape in the first place. And, for internal nutrition, we offer our BioChooz for those who like a delicious easy-to-take gummy, and our H2G Hair Growth Supplement for those who want the most complete nutrition available. 

We still have a few weeks of summer left. We hope you enjoy it to the utmost.  See below for details on some of the products mentioned in this article.