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How to Detangle Black or Biracial Hair

How to detangle black, African American or Biracial Hair


It's a vicious cycle. Combing her hair hurts, so you avoid doing it or she avoids doing it. Then, it hurts even more when you do comb it. Eventually, the hair ends up knotted and matted and it seems impossible to comb. Frustrated, all you want to do is cut it off and start over. Fortunately, even if you've gotten to that point, you don't have to cut it off. And, with the proper techniques and tools you can avoid getting the point of having knotted and matted hair. We get many requests for how to detangle biracial hair because people have not understood the somewhat unique needs of biracial and black hair.

The key is proper daily maintenance. Curly hair, if you're going to comb it at all (dreadlocks and some afro styles would be the exception), needs to be combed daily. If hair has length, it must be kept restrained at night while sleeping either in loose braids or with a sleeping cap on. This prevents knots from forming. Using the proper type fo comb and comb out products can help with this process. Combs like the NuBone combs or the Knot Genie are great for daily comb outs.

Treasured Locks Knot No More also helps with the daily styling of black hair and biracial hair preventing knots in the first place. Knot No More moisturizes, provides "slip", increases elasticity (preventing hair from breaking), and eases the comb through the hair creating a pain-free comb out experience.Treasured Locks H2G Knots No More Tangle Remover

Tools you will need to detangle your hair:

  1. The more kinky the hair is, the more important it is to use a daily styling product. Never try to comb the hair out dry. So, you must use a product that softens, oils and moisturizes your hair. Do not try to remove these styles while your hair is dry.

  2. Do not shampoo or relax your hair until it is completely combed out and detangled. If you try to wash away clumps/knots of matted or tangled hair, what happens instead is you end up with a big matted mess.Always comb out hair before shampooing.NuBone II Wide Tooth, Hand Crafted Wide Detangler Comb

  3. On a daily basis, gently and completely comb out hair. When sleeping make sure the hair is plaited, twisted, or in some other style that will keep it from matting. Wearing a sleep cap is advised.

  4. If hair gets matted, it will require patience and technique to remove the mats. Soak thoroughly with Knot No More. Work in small sections. Remove mats from the tips to the roots. If hair is severely matted, it might take a few days to work through the entire head. But, nearly all mats can be removed with proper technique, tools, and patience.Many people think it’s too costly to visit a salon to “take down” a style. You can do this at home. But, do not pull and tug on your hair, ultimately damaging it.

For more information, see our books on Biracial Hair Care and Caring for African American hair. The more you know your hair and what it needs/wants, the healthier it will be and you can avoid the situations that lead to the need to detangle biracial hair.

To Detangle and Reduce Frizz:

Knot No More doesn't cause any build up. Can be used daily. Apply a liberal amount to wet, damp or dry hair natural or extension to remove tangles and reduce frizziness. Start from the back. Separate a section of hair and apply Knot No More directly to the area that is tangled/frizzy. Use fingers to distribute product through the hair.

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