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Hair Growth Supplements FAQs



What products do you offer and what do they do?
How do your hair growth products work? Are they drugs?
Why do you have a chewable hair vitamin and a tablet?
Can your products help me?
Do you offer offer a money back guarantee?
What are the possible side effects of Treasured Locks supplements?
Some hair vitamins come in one pill, some come in two. Why?
Which of your supplements do I need?
What else can I do to grow my hair faster, longer and stronger?


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What products do you offer and what do they do?
We chose not to call our products hair vitamins.  Our products are more than just a hair vitamin.  We offer hair growth and hair health supplements.  Each supplement helps with the health of hair, nails and skin.  H2G Growth Supplement is a powerful combination of time released vitamins, herbs, minerals and nutrients designed to help speed the process of hair growth and improve the quality of the hair.  H2G Strength Supplement is a protein (collagen) supplement designed to strengthen hair and nails and improve the condition of the skin.  Our BioChooz Complete is an option for those who cannot swallow a large tablet.  Each product is effective on its own.  But, there are powerful synergies between the products as well.

Why do you offer a chewable hair vitamin and a tablet?

It would be really great if we could pack all of the nutrition of our H2G Hair Growth Supplement into a delicious gummy. The reality is that we cannot. While BioChooz Complete is among the best chewable hair growth vitamin you can get, the H2G Hair Growth Supplement is a superior, time released, option. 

A chewable hair vitamin is going to have to make some sacrifices because frankly some of the things in our hair growth tablet don't taste all that great. The other consideration is time release. The tablet is designed to break down slowly entering your bloodstream throughout the day. This gives you the maximum benefit. If you can take the tablet, that's what we recommend. If you cannot swallow the pill (no pun intended), the BioChooz product is an excellent alternative. It's highly effective as well, offering many of the nutrients in our H2G Hair Growth Supplement.

 How do you hair growth products work?
Our H2G Supplements work by supplementing your diet with an increased amount of naturally occurring ingredients that should be part of any healthy diet. The Hair Growth Supplement also contains herbs are beneficial for health. Our products contain no drugs or hormones. They work in harmony with your body’s natural ability to grow healthy hair and skin by giving your body the nutrients it needs to build the strongest hair, nails and skin possible. 

Can your products help me?
Very likely the answer is yes. Most people will be helped with a good hair growth vitamin. Thinning hair can be helped. Premature graying can be helped.  Hair will be thicker, stronger and grow faster with the proper nutrition. But, there are some caveats. Our Treasured Locks H2G Hair Growth Supplement and H2G Hair Strength Supplement are not products that are going to fix every problem anyone could possibly have. Hair supplements will not help everyone. Our supplements will be helpful to most people.  But, it's important to keep in mind that they are not intended to treat or cure any medical condition.  If your hair follicles are dead, they will not bring them back to life. For most people who want to speed up hair growth and improve the strength of their hair, supplements will help. We are confident that our Treasured Locks H2G Supplements are the most advanced available. There isn’t a product out there that will work for everyone. Nothing will make hair grow from dead follicles. Follicles that are dormant can be stimulated. But, if they’re dead, nothing is going to grow the hair back. If you have a serious medical condition that is preventing you from growing hair, our products will not help. Our products are useful in correcting the day-to-day imbalances many people experience that cause them to lose hair, have weak hair or to grow hair slowly. Our products will not work if you neglect or abuse your hair. If you are not maintaining your hair properly or if you’re pulling it out by over-twisting or too much tension with braids, our products are not going to correct those conditions. However, with diligent use of the products and a good hair care regimen, we can help you achieve the maximum potential, for you.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Treasured Locks offers a general customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.  You can return any product within 30 days, just say you didn't like it, and we will refund your money.

It will probably take one to two months to notice appreciable growth with the hair growth supplements. We are going to be frank. We cannot guarantee that our product will work for everyone. Our product will not work for everyone, under every circumstance. We do not want to entice people with outrageous claims. We are confident that our products, along with proper maintenance of your hair and the absence of a medical condition, will work in conjunction with your body to produce the fastest growing and best hair possible for you. We know this because of the science and years of experience with this product. But, because everyone has a different genetic makeup and you must take proper care of your hair and body, in addition to using our products, we cannot predict exactly what your results will be. No product can honestly claim to grow hair on anyone. Even the powerful drugs, Minoxidil and Propecia do not work for everyone. While we could certainly sell more product by making an outrageous claim, we will not do that.

What are possible side effects your supplements?
One of our core values at Treasured Locks is “First, do no harm.” While it is vitally important to us that we sell only effective products, it is even more important to sell safe products. It is for this reason that we do not sell permanent relaxers. The great thing about our supplements is they use ingredients that your body needs to do its day-to-day functioning. And they mostly use ingredients that are naturally present in the foods you should be eating anyway.  The only exception is the herbs and the herbs we use are commonly used as dietary supplements around the world. The possible side effects are improved overall health, higher energy levels, weight loss, better joint function, better body tone, lower cholesterol and better circulation. All of these have been associated with the nutrients included in our system. While we are not claiming all of these things will happen to you, people are taking many of the supplements included in our system for these very reasons. General improvement of the skin and fingernails is quite common.

Some hair vitamin supplements are only one pill, some are two and some are three pills. Why?
We realize this can be very confusing. When we began our research on a hair growth supplement, it had us a little perplexed.  We had to make a fairly difficult decision.  We will outline our thought process for you.

As is true with many other things in life, there are trade offs we have to make when designing products. In this case, the factors we had to consider were:

  • Cost
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to customize
  • Effectiveness and Pill size

Cost- the simplest and most cost effective way to deliver a supplement to you would be to put everything into one pill or capsule. That is the ultimate goal in terms of providing a low cost supplement.  There are those who offer one pill who would seem to have done this. Their pill is supposed to contain all of the vitamins, nutrients, herbs, minerals and essential fatty acids one would need for the best hair growth possible. And, their pills are available at a really good price. They have two of the three considerations covered really well. The reality is some sacrifices have to be made to get everything into one pill.  Stick with us and you'll see why we chose to offer one pill as our core product with additional optional pills.

Ease of use- obviously, the easiest to use system would be one pill, even if that one pill is taken two or three times a day.  Systems that require multiple pills several times a day are just not as likely to be stuck with.  But, again, please stick with us.

Customization- the down side of offering only one pill is everybody is getting the same supplements regardless of their needs. By offering two separate pills, we give you the choice about which supplement to give your body. By offering our Growth Supplement separate from our Strength Supplement and our Shine Supplement, we give you the choice of which you need for your body. If you don't need the extra protein, you do not have to take the Strength Supplement.  This can actually reduce the cost of the system for those who opt not to take all of the available supplements.

Effectiveness- we saved the most important consideration for last. Who cares if you have a low cost, easy to use supplement that doesn’t work? Effectiveness is the reason you are purchasing the product. You want to see longer, stronger, healthier hair (and nails and skin). To get all of the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs and protein we offer in our system into one pill would require a pill so big that you couldn’t swallow it. First of all, it would have to be a capsule, not a tablet.  Capsules are necessary to deliver the amount of protein and essential fatty acids you need to have any real impact on your body. If you compare the amount per serving in our system to simple one tablet offerings, this will be immediately apparent to you.

Given the dilemma of the trade-offs we have decided to go with the most effective system possible. Our initial thought was to offer only the Growth Supplement to keep our cost low and to make the supplement easy to use. Less confusion. No muss, no fuss. But, as we reconsidered, we realized that we should leave the ultimate choice in your hands. So, we offer you our H2G Growth Supplement, the core product in our system. We leave it up to your discretion whether to include the Strength Supplement (for extra protein/amino acids) and/or the Shine Supplement which contains a blend of high quality essential fatty acids.

Which of your H2G Supplements do I need to take?
We recommend that everyone concerned about hair loss, hair breakage and/or hair growth take the H2G Growth Supplement. We are confident that this tablet alone, taken twice a day is the most advanced hair care supplement on the market. The blend of time released vitamins, herbs, nutrients and minerals are essential to get the hair growth engine revved up to its maximum capacity. For most people, we also recommend the H2G Strength Supplement. While it’s quite probable you are getting enough protein in your diet, you may not be getting the right types of amino acids. To ensure the maximum effectiveness of the system, the Strength Supplement works in synergy with the Growth Supplement to give you the best possible results.  If you cannot swallow a tablet, BioChooz Complete is a delicious gummy alternative.

What else can I do to grow my hair faster, longer and stronger?
As we continually say (almost to the point of nausea we're sure) there is nothing magical we can offer you to cure all of your hair and skin care woes.  If you are willing to put in the effort to use the tools we can provide, we can help you reach your maximum potential.  In addition to the supplements, you need to be on a good hair care regimen.  We offer advice on that on this website as well.  It's also important to take care of your immune and circulatory systems.  The supplements help with that.  You can help by:

  • Getting enough rest
  • Drinking enough water
  • Eating a  balanced diet
  • Reducing your stress levels (meditation and prayer works for a lot of people)
  • Reducing or eliminating your caffeine intake
  • Not smoking


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