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Posted by Nivi Watson on Aug 17th 2021

Why Is It Important to Wear a Shoe Insert For Arch Support?

There is a lot of misconception regarding shoe inserts for arch support. Some people think that these inserts are just like cushions that can make their shoes feel softer instead of having a woody platform. However, that is completely false. While they do provide a little softness, the main purpose of it is to provide support to your feet. Precisely it helps in reducing the strain on your heels.

Additionally, you would not typically need a doctor's prescription to buy shoe inserts for arch support. If you are suffering from foot pain, these would provide the necessary support and improve your comfort level.

What Is The Function Of The Arch In Your Feet?

Arch is one of the most important parts of your foot. Primarily, it has two functions.


When you stand or walk, the whole weight of your body is on your foot. Here, the arch area provides support to your feet while you are doing any physical activity.

Works As A Spring

Arch in your feet acts just like the spring when you walk or run. It absorbs all the shock of your feet and compresses it when your feet hit the ground. In simple terms, it does the same work like a bouncing ball.

What Is Arch Support?

Arch support is the device that is used to provide support to your feet. Typically, it is a rigid support that reduces the muscle strain on your feet. It helps to absorb the shock during walking uphill, downhill or level walking. There are so many affordable shoe inserts for arch support that would provide your feet additional relief.

Sometimes, people tend to choose wrong or ill-fitted shoes that ruin the condition of their feet. In this regard,shoe inserts for arch support helps you prevent your foot from any damages.

Reasons Why To Wear Shoe Inserts For Arch Support?

The whole strain of your body weight is on your arch and heels. So, they need extra support, and these shoe inserts are designed to reduce the strain and not to affect the regular functioning of your feet.

More Standing Hours

Due to your busy lives, you might not take rest every now and then. Additionally, most people tend to ignore the minor pains in the beginning. But when the problem increases, they rush to the doctor.

If you are also a person who spends most of the day doing any physical work, you also stand the chance of getting foot arch damaged. To prevent this, it is very important to wear shoe inserts for arch support.

Worn Out Shoes

Generally, people do not change their shoes until their shoes get properly worn out.But using worn-out shoes can further damage your foot. Moreover, you cannot change your shoes now and then. Therefore, in order to protect your foot from any damages, it is important to wear shoe inserts.

No Arch Or High Arch

Sometimes the whole pressure of your foot falls on the arch because of the physical structure of your foot. People who have high arches or no arches need more support that a regular shoe cannot provide. In this case, it becomes necessary to use shoe inserts for arch support.


The foot is a major working part of your body that needs special attention. If you do not give them proper support as per the requirement, they might cause you unnecessary troubles.Especially people with issues with arches must be careful about the choice of shoe inserts.