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Trending Black Men's Hairstyles for 2022

Apr 11th 2022

Trending Black Men's Hairstyles for 2022

Top 5 Trending Black Men’s Hairstyles for 2022

Black men have coily, often full and lush hair; a hairstylist's dream. Hence, there are many ways to style a black man's hair. Unfortunately, that could also be a source of confusion for most black men.

There are some factors to consider when choosing a hairstyle. First, you should don a style that better accentuates your facial features. You should also consider the season, weather, and the amount of effort required to maintain your chosen hairstyle.

Not everyone has the time to do that through trial and error. Thankfully, websites like WiseBarber feature articles on men's hairstyles.

However, in this post, we'll be looking at five black men's hairstyles that are practical and sure to leave you looking your absolute best. Make sure to read till the end. One of these five styles could be a perfect fit for you.

1. Short Part and Fade

tarting simple, we have the short part and fade. This is the least complicated hairstyle on this list and the most practical. It’s a great way to show off those sharp edges and score some extra brownie points with your friends and down by the office.

The great thing about this hairstyle is its versatility. You could go for a lower fade or play with the length of the part. You could also decide to leave your hair a little higher than in the above picture, and it would still look amazing.

The hairstyle also pairs wonderfully with a full beard. So look no further if you’ve been looking for a hairstyle that accentuates that beard you’re proud of. The short part and fade requires very few products to manage, and you are sure to enjoy this hairstyle.

2. Afro Fade

If you are comfortable with having long hair and would like to style it nicely, then this is the haircut for you. The Afro fade maintains length on top of your head. Meanwhile, the hair on the sides and back are tapered by implementing a satisfying gradient.

You can play around with the shape of your hair or choose to leave it alone. Just make sure it looks as neat as possible.

The faded sides look even more impressive as they lead to a full head of hair. You could choose to go for a longer or a  smaller taper depending on the size of your forehead. Also, this haircut pairs well with a beard.

It is worth noting that this particular hairstyle will require a lot more hair products to ensure that your afro stays neat, soft, and lush. However, the extra work is worth it in the end.

3. Wavy High Fade

Wave culture has been a big thing in recent years. There’s nothing more satisfying than managing to pull off the perfect waves, especially when paired with a nice fade. The road to getting there, however, is pretty technical.

Deep waves require a certain length of hair and follow a detailed process. Waves are also hit or miss. You could end up messing up your hair. Also, this particular hairstyle only works for certain kinds of hair.

The only thing harder than achieving the perfect waves would be maintaining them. So I advise you to steer clear of this hairstyle if you aren’t committed. It will require effort, a decent budget, and ample research.

If you decide to embrace the work and put in the time, you will be pleased with the results. Correctly done waves garner admiration anywhere you go.

4. Dreadlocks

This is easily the most technical hairstyle on this list regarding process and maintenance. Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, and for a good reason too. There’s no denying how good neat dreads can look.

Basically, dreadlocks are rope-like strands of knotted hair. The hairstyle requires you to grow your hair up to about three inches. There are many ways to get your locs started. However, the method which works for you depends a lot on the tightness of your coils.

You can even naturally develop dreadlocks if you just wash your hair and don’t bother detangling your curls. Over time, your strands naturally clump together to form locs.

There are a lot of products that go into creating neat and long-lasting dreadlocks. The process begins by separating the roots to ensure your hair grows on the right track and avoids tangling. Once your locs are fully matured, you’d have to re-tighten the new growth of hair every other month.

5. Curly Low Fade

This style features a pile of curls on the top of the head plus faded side and back. If your curls are on the loose side, you should consider this hairstyle. Although, it’s somewhat high maintenance, as you will need to keep those curls looking vibrant and filled with life. However, once you find the right combination of products, you’re good to go.


I hope you found the right style for you here. However, there’s no need to fear if you haven’t. There are more than enough styles out there, and one of them is bound to speak to you.

You are on the right path. But don’t be afraid to experiment once in a while, and know that your hair goals are within reach. Lastly, always remember to incorporate good curly hair care practices.