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Treat Your Curly Hair Like A Pro- Why is Everyone Talking About Argan Oil?

Posted by Wendy Dessler on Oct 18th 2021

Treat Your Curly Hair Like A Pro- Why is Everyone Talking About Argan Oil?


Haircare is an essential part of everyone's self-care routine. If the hair isn’t right, then the entire outfit or day is messed up. This is especially true for people with kinky or curly hair.

The kinkier the hair, the more difficult it becomes to maintain, and the more people run to other people for tips and tricks on styling, general hair care, etc.

This is where you might bump into haircare that works well with your hair type, and this is where many come into contact with argan oil.

Argan oil origins and where to find it

Knowing where your products come from and where you can buy argan oil is very important.

Argan oil is harvested from an argan tree. Argan trees are indigenous to Morocco. Argan oil is quite versatile as people use it for cooking, as well as on skin and hair. It’s also found in many  haircare and skincare products.

In Morocco, the plant is used for dipping bread and drizzling on pasta and other food.

Hair porosity and the benefits of argan oil

When hair porosity is mentioned, many tend to look away in shame because the truth is many don’t know about hair porosity. Hair porosity speaks about how well your hair can absorb moisture and oils. There is low, medium, and high porosity hair.

Argan oil is an integral part of hair care because it has fatty acids and is rich in vitamin E. Argan oil also prevents dryness which women who have low to medium porosity hair constantly complain about. It also helps to reduce frizziness and maintain shine.

If you are unsure about your hair’s porosity levels, please take the hair porosity test and find out about your hair type. Your hair type does affect your haircare routine.


How to apply argan oil correctly?

How argan oil is applied is a crucial part that can easily be overlooked. If products are not applied correctly, the results may be worse than underwhelming.

Argan oil can be used to seal in moisture. This would mean that after applying your water-based products, some may prefer water only; you would go in with your argan oil to seal in that moisture.

All you would need is just a few drops of argan oil that can be used on both your scalp and hair. Remember that the ends of your hair are the oldest parts and need the most care, so if you can focus the argan oil on this part of the hair, that would be very beneficial and help with length retention.

Different uses of Argan oil on hair


Argan oil hair mask

Argan oil, as a single ingredient, in your hair care routine, can be used as a hair mask. You can add another oil to this mask, such as shea butter or coconut oil, or other oils you regularly use on your hair.

Gently apply argan oil to the hair and scalp. Try your best to have either damp or freshly washed hair while doing this. Massage into the hair and scalp. You can then wrap your hair in a bonnet or towel or scarf, whichever you prefer, and leave overnight. In the morning, please rinse out the mask.

Leave-in conditioner and shampoo

Argan oil can be used in conjunction with your shampoo, as all you need to add are just a few drops to your shampoo before applying it to your hair and scalp. You can add this step to your wash-day routine to help the hair.

You can also replace your normal hair conditioning process with argan oil. Apply argan oil as you would your regular leave-in conditioner, and that’s it. You’re ready to go.


Argan oil is a great plant-based to have as it has multiple benefits. It also leaves hair healthy and well moisturized, and hydrated. It gets a plus from the healthy and happy hair team.