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Treasured Locks Now Providing Delivery Notification

Posted by Brian D. Smith on Mar 28th 2018

Treasured Locks Now Providing Delivery Notification

We are happy to announce a new service for you. From now on not only will you receive confirmation emails when your order is placed and when it ships, you'll be notified when the Post Office has delivered your package to your home.  This service should cut down dramatically on lost packages.

Sadly, a package is occasionally lost or misplaced by the Post Office and you don't realize it until days or even weeks later, when it's too late to recover the package.  Our delivery notification email will let you know when the Post Office says your package is delivered.  When you get that email, you should check for the package as soon as possible and if you don't have it, contact your local Post Office immediately. The fact the package has been marked delivered means it at least made it to your Post Office.  And, there is a good chance you can recover a lost or mis-delivered package if you act immediately.

If you cannot locate your "delivered" package...

You'll need ton contact your local Post Office. You can get the telephone number for your post office by dialing 1-800-ASK-USPS. Please follow the prompts to get information on your local post office. They will give you the local phone number. Please do NOT follow the prompts for track and confirm as the people at the 800 number will not be able to give you any information on delivery status of this package. You must speak with someone at your local post office to locate mail that has been marked delivered.

  • Dial 1-800-275-8777 and choose your language
  • Say "Post Office Information"- Do NOT choose "track a package"
  • Say "Delivery Office"
  • Say or type in your zip code
  • LIsten for your local post office address and phone number

When you receive a shipment notification from us, your package should arrive in 3-5 business days. If it's any longer than that, please contact the Post Office. Your tracking information can be found under your account in our store or in the shipment confirmation email you got from us.