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Posted by Caralyn Ella on Nov 28th 2017

The 8 Things You Must Know Before Getting Box Braids

Braids are highly popular, but they are are a commitment that you should think about before having them done.. Are you thinking of installing box braids, yet you have no idea how or where to start? Here are the eight things you need to know to to get the best out of your money spent on box braids.

1. How healthy is your hair?

The health of your hair should be the first thing you consider before braiding your hair. Braids can be weighty, hanging on the sides of your head so they tend to subject your hair to pressure. Ensure that your hair is healthy. If your hair is weak, too fine, or is recovering from damage, then you will want to consider delaying getting box braids until your hair is healthy.

2. Consider the styling

Braids are as diverse as a chameleon – they come in all colors imaginable. The texture and styles are of different kinds as well. With that said, you need to establish the color texture and the style of box braids you want before having the hairstyle done on your head.

3. Who is the stylist doing your braids?

It is good to evaluate the person doing your braids to determine if the job may turn out exactly as you want it to be. Every hairdresser is different. 

Therefore, taking some time and going through your potential stylist’s work will give you clues on whether to have him/her do the braiding or not. One of the best ways to do this is ask for feedback from their previous clients or recommendations from friends who have been styled by your chosen hairdresser.

4. Keep your lifestyle in consideration

Your occupation and all the things you do every day has an impact on the kind of braid you can acquire. For instance, it might not work for an athlete to sport long braids that hang way past the shoulders. Ensure that the braids are compatible with your occupation and daily activities so that they don’t get damaged, hamper your performance or make you look rather out of place.

5. Are you providing the hair or will you find it in the salon?

Some hairstylists will require you to bring your own hair; while others will have it ready in their premises. Once you have selected your stylist, ask him/her about the issue.

6. You will have to wear a hair protector to bed

Usually people with long hair wear something on the head at night to protect the hair although not every hairstyle requires it. However, box braids almost always require protection when you retire to bed. This is to prevent them from breaking or entangling. Wearing something on the head to protect your box braids is especially important if you are styling them for the first time.

7. Detangle and moisturize your hair before having the braids done

Your hair needs to be in good order for the braiding to turn out well. Your hair needs to be clean, well conditioned and detangled before having the braids done. 

8. Ensure the braids maintain just the correct level of tightness

Very tight braids can bring an experience slightly close to that found in hell. Tell the stylist to go lightly on it so that your head doesn’t feel like it is being pricked by a hundred nails.  Prolonged installation of braids with too much tension can lead to temporary or even permanent hair loss known as traction alopecia.

In conclusion

When you have made your mind to do some braids on your hair, there are many factors to consider before carrying out the plan. First, you must make sure that your hair is in good condition. Afterwards, you need to ensure that the hair is well moisturized before putting the braids in. After putting in the braids, they need to be maintained with utmost care. Aside from that, they should also be done with the proper level of tightness.

In a nutshell, box braids require planning before, and great care after installation. If everything is put into consideration and done well, the results will be awesome to look at.