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Six Easy Hairstyles for Date Night or Just a Night With The Girls

Apr 25th 2022

Six Easy Hairstyles for Date Night or Just a Night With The Girls

Whether you're getting ready for a first date, a third date, or a date night with your girls, your hairstyle helps you create that signature look you want.

Looking for some hair inspiration for your date or can't figure out what to do with your hair? Here are 6 easy date night hairstyles you can achieve yourself.

1. Go Afro

Go bold, go big with this Afrocentric extension. This comes with no hair drama and would leave your date partner with a sweet and lasting impression of you.

2. Ponytail

You can never go wrong with a ponytail. Brush your hair down with a styling gel and secure the bottom of your hair with a ponytail extension of your choice.

3. Rock it Natural

Of course, you can rock your natural hair to that special date. You can give your hair some personality by adding a few small braids on one side of your head. You can also smash this look with some accessories.

4. Bantu Knot Outs

This is another simple style to achieve for your date night. All you need to do is make your Bantu Knots few days before your date and then unravel them on the night of your date. Style them however you like and try on some lipstick and accessories to match.

How to achieve the Bantu knot outs hairstyle

Here's a quick video of how Daye La Soul achieves defined Bantu Knots outs for this style.

5. Up-do Bun

An up always bangs for date nights. It is also another perfect opportunity to showcase your beautiful edges. You can always use an extension like the Faux Afro puff, if your hair isn't long enough to be styled into a bun.

How to achieve the up-do bun hairstyle

Watch this video to learn how Tina achieves the up-do bun hairstyle.

6. Fawk Hawk

Aside from being stylish and classy, this style is a perfect opportunity to flaunt your beautiful kinky curls. Sexy!

How to achieve the fawk hawk hairstyle

Alyssa Marie shows how she styles the fawk hawk on her natural hair.

There you are! Six hairstyles you could pick from for your date night look! Which one would you try out for your next date?