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Q Goes To Curly Land

Posted by Tywana M. Smith on Oct 26th 2021

Q Goes To Curly Land

We recently heard from a fellow Buckeye (Ohioan) about a very important children's book she has written. After nearly decades of being in this business, one of the things we have learned is that it is important to teach children self-esteem. This is especially true for Black children. And, it's especially true for girls.

While America has embraced diversity more today than when I was young, our children are still shown idealized versions of people with white hair and straight hair. It's important to counter the message that "good hair" is straight hair and "good skin" is white skin.

Often well meaning white mothers of biracial children will reach out to us asking us to help with their children's "unruly hair". We always respond with the same message. Before you try to tame your child's hair, teach them to embrace what they have been given. 

Valerie Jerome has a degree in journalism and extensive marketing experience. She is also the mother of two curly-haired daughters. Like many other parents, Jerome has cherished the hours caring for her daughters' hair and teaching them that this process is important, empowering, and fun. Having served as a United States Peace Corps volunteer in the island nation of Dominica, Jerome now lives with her family in Cleveland, Ohio.

One review says: 

What a great story! "Q Goes to Curly Land" is as fun to read as it is important for girls today who are learning to embrace their natural hair. Q is a spunky protagonist that young readers will relate to and admire. When Q gets bored of wearing her hair in a bun, she and her sister set off on an adventure to Curly Land where they learn many cool ways to wear their curly hair and how to care for it. With rhyming lines, this is a book that daughters and mothers (or fathers) will enjoy reading over and over again, both aloud and alone. Plus, this story is the perfect way to start talking to girls about self-acceptance from a young age. Author Valerie Jerome empowers girls to take charge of their unique style. I love Q's active imagination: I know that she will continue to dream up new hair adventures and inspire other girls to do the same!

-Norah Lee

This book can be a valuable resource for children concerned about why their hair is different, teaching them to embrace their natural beauty.

It's available at

Q Goes To Curly Land

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