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Posted by Brian D. Smith on Feb 1st 2017

One Woman's Natural Hair Journey

One of our customers wanted to share her natural hair journey with all of you. Datoria successfully completed the transition from the world of relaxed hair to her natural hair. One question we get over and over again is "How do I wear my hair while making the transition?" Natural hair is actually extremely versatile. Many of our customers have gotten very creative with how they wear their natural hair and have come up with some extremely innovative transitioning hair styles. Here is her advice:

Natural hair is not the end of the world for one. :). It's actually something beautiful. I didn't do the "Big Chop" but instead let the relaxed ends grow out. That was a journey in itself for the fact that the two textures (natural and relaxed) were too different and couldnt withstand everyday management without breakage. So while transitioning, I had no stress hairstyles. Which are styles that does not add too much tension to your hair, but keeps it as it is, while growing. Styles I used were two strand twist, braids, mohawks and even wigs while my hair was in a protective style such as twists. Keeping the hair moistened is vital. Not doing so, your hair could be just worse off than if you had a perm. A great thing I've encountered from going natural, is that my hair is thicker than it has ever been. Let alone the quick hair growth.

And, since a picture is worth 1,000 words. Here are some pictures of how she wears her hair:

beautiful natural black hair on gorgeous women