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Posted by Tywana M. Smith on Jan 14th 2020

An Exciting New Website for Natural Black Hair

Hey, I want to introduce you all to a new website that is a bit different from what I have seen before in the natural hair web-world.

You're familiar with Wikipedia. This new website called is birthed from the BlackHairOMG family of sites. It's intended to be a Wikipedia of natural hair care websites.

Well… The creator of the website, Melissa Lee, had the idea of creating this type of “Justice League of Natural Hair Information Giants” website. She was frustrated by all the natural hair care information being spread all over the internet. A lot of it is plain wrong. And, much of it is worthless.

Many times big corporations who know very little about caring for Black hair are dominating on Google searches. And, they laying out big bucks to lure you in with advertisements. This happens while the folks who know get largely overlooked.

That’s frustrating.

Melissa Lee decided to create a place online that would curate and highlight the best, most helpful and most respected (by the natural hair community) content across the web in a directory-style information source.

That's one of the reasons why is featured on the website.

The new website is not only curating the finest content from outside, but they also create their own unique content that is aimed towards helping women with naturally kinky-curly hair, especially sisters with Type-4 hair.

For example, Melissa and her crew share their own personal hair care recipes with you as well as discuss the cultural and societal issues facing the natural hair community

I think you’ll like the information you find, so check them out and let’s support each other.