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Posted by Wendy Dessler on Aug 28th 2020

How To Make Your Curls Look Awesome In Every Photo

How to Make Your Curls Look Awesome on Each Photo

You know what it’s like, some days your curls play ball and have the perfect bounce and shine. Other times, your hair just refuses to cooperate, and you end up with frizz.

Whether you’re getting ready for a new family album, updating your career photos, or just want to create a solid mirror selfie, then the last thing you need is a bad hair day.

We’ve got your back, though. With our tips below, you’ll see how to make your curls look awesome for every photo.

First Things First

If you want effective sexy selfies with your locks looking gorgeous, you’ll need to have a solid hair care routine in place. Curly manes require considerably more TLC and moisture than straight types.

Similarly, your curls are unique, with a distinct texture and specific needs, so having the right products is essential. Knowing what your hair porosity is like will help you determine what to use.

Low-porosity means your hair doesn’t absorb moisture all that much, which could lead to product build-up. This, in turn, weighs down your curls resulting in a flat, deflated look. Use lightweight shampoos and conditioners to help your mane look it’s best.

Conversely, high-porosity types generally absorb moisture but have trouble retaining it. For this kind of hair, butters, proteins, and oils are the way to go. Incorporating a hydrating treatment into your routine is also not a bad idea.

Prepare Beforehand

Admittedly, you can’t always prepare for the perfect selfie, but you probably won’t be keen to take photos when you’re not ready, either. If you can, treat your hair to the full monty the night before. Wash, condition, and do a hair mask. You could even get it trimmed.

While it’s still wet, divide your hair into sections. Then, use a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle it - from the ends to the roots. This prevents breakage while encouraging bouncy curls.

Let it dry naturally to avoid frizz, and put it into a “pineapple” ponytail to retain the shape while you sleep. You can do this by flipping your hair forward and securing it with an elastic at the base, closest to your scalp. This ensures that your curls have optimum moisture and bounce when it’s picture time the next day.

Use Your Hair As A Focal Point

Now that your tresses are healthy, shiny, and full of life, you can get in front of the camera. Take your time with styling, though, and remember to be gentle.

Use your hair as a focal point to create eye-catching photos. To do this, spruce it up by adding extra volume with a comb or afro pick. 

You can use spray-bottle products to perfect your look, but if you want well-defined curls, it’s best to avoid too much oil. You can still apply a small amount as a finishing touch for some extra sheen, though.  

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Good lighting is a vital part of any photo or selfie. It’s the difference between a disaster and postcard-pretty.

To showcase your gorgeous curls, take advantage of the day time , and consider shooting pictures outside. If this isn’t possible, then try facing a window, or at least make sure that the indoor lighting is sufficient.

Bring Your Personality

Granted, your mane has a personality of its own. Even so, if you want your curls to look awesome in each photo, you’ll need to bring your A-game.

Embrace your natural beauty and belt out your best smile to get stunning, insta-worthy pictures every time - all with a gorgeous head of hair.

The Final Word

A solid hair care routine is crucial for lustrous, bouncy, curls. However, preparing beforehand also helps perfect your look.

Use your hair as a focal point, take advantage of natural light, and let your personality shine through your smile. Do all of the above, and your locks will look awesome in every photo.

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