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How Hair Vitamins Can Improve Your Natural Hair

Posted by Jhen Barkers on Oct 5th 2021

How Hair Vitamins Can Improve Your Natural Hair

Healthy natural hair is the best accessory, so it is important to keep yours strong and supple. The problem is, we do so much to natural hair that can lead to serious damage. Causes include: coloring, and styling. Parabens, some sulfates, some alcohol, and even fragrances found in shampoos can be damaging. They can lead to dry and weak hair. There are diseases and conditions that can also lead to dull hair and even hair fall. Poor nutrition is a major cause of poor hair health. Even stress can contribute.

Autoimmune diseases like psoriasis can cause scalps to become dry and flaky, causing anyone with this condition, scratching their head and damaging their hair follicles in the process. Some people with this condition could also be styling or coloring their hair to mask symptoms, further damaging their hair and scalp.

If you are suffering from damage caused by external factors, you’ve probably tried many products already, but one thing you may need to consider are hair vitamins. They come in many forms, like serums and ingestible capsules, and claim to help get natural hair back to full health.

Do hair vitamins work?

Hair vitamins contain amino acids, biotin, omega 3, and a wide array of other nutrients. These ingredients claim to grow, moisturize, and strengthen both natural and damaged hair. But do they really work?

Some hair damage is irreversible. Treatments like perms and relaxers can chemically strip hair, and that is irreversible. Similarly, coloring essentially opens the pores of your hair to be able to deposit color which leads to lower integrity and brittle strands. Styling can cause damage because of the heat and stress applied to the hair. This can remove its moisture, leaving your hair dry and tense. The fact is that hair vitamins can’t help with repairing these problems on their own. They will help new growth be stronger and healthier. They may help manage further damage, but you'll need external nourishing and healing treatments.

How do hair vitamins work?

However, if your problem is having naturally dry and brittle hair, then these supplements can actually help. Supplements that contain ingredients that promote strength, growth, and moisture will help your hair look and feel better. Coconut oil and omega 3 help bring moisture to your follicles and scalp. Other vitamins help hair become stronger and cleanse it from impurities. Iodine is a great example as it can help not only hair but teeth and bones, to become stronger.

Frankly, hair vitamins work for hair health issues, but they are not a fix-all solution. They can make your natural hair healthier, but they cannot reverse damage caused by chemicals and coloring. Just be sure to understand your hair problems and take vitamins that are tailored to your needs. The same ingredients that make hair vitamins beneficial for your hair also improve skin and nail health!

How to Take the Right Vitamins?

Taking vitamins can be dependent on different factors like age, diet, and health conditions. With hair supplements, choosing the right one is important so you can target other concerns while also keeping your hair healthy. Here’s how you can do it:

Consult a Professional

If you’re still unsure about what to take, you can consult a medical professional. They will know exactly what to give you based on your concerns. Getting in touch with health workers today is more convenient through online channels, and it can also be much more affordable. You can easily reach professionals with nursing doctorate training to do a thorough examination of your health history and assess your overall well-being. Without having to meet with physicians, these nurses can help you identify deficiencies that may be leading to unhealthy hair.

Check the Ingredients

Not all hair vitamins are the same. Choose your hair vitamins based on why you want to take them in the first place. If you are looking to fix hair loss, try products with different nutrients like vitamins A to E for faster growth and antioxidants, and iron for increased blood flow. Treasured Locks makes a great well rounded supplement- H2G Hair Growth Supplement. If you cannot swallow pills or just like a good tasting supplement, there are even gummies that are very effective- BioChooz Complete is a cherry flavored gummy taken twice a day. Supplements with oils typically help with hydration and strengthening.

Collagen based supplements can help with promoting hair growth and strengthening hair. They can also have other benefits like strengthening bones, cleansing with antioxidants, and making your skin glow. They are a great way to help natural hair look better and be healthier.