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Posted by Brian D Smith on Nov 13th 2020

Covid-19 and Hair Loss

The Coronavirus and Hair Loss

The novel coronavirus causes Covid-19, and Covid-19 is producing immeasurable losses for too many of us.

Loss of income, loss of security, and loss of freedom are among the more obvious impacts of this pandemic. You may not be aware that hair loss is among the devastating consequences people are experiencing due to Covid-19 itself and the pandemic’s stress.

Stress can produce many physical symptoms, including hair loss. In addition to the stress-related hair losses caused by lockdowns and uncertainty, Covid itself causes people to lose their hair. Some are calling this “Shock Hair Loss.”

Covid-19 Related Hair Loss Is Not Uncommon

Hair loss is ranked twenty-first out of a list of 101 reported Covid-19 symptoms in a recent survey of 3,900 Covid-19 survivors conducted by *Survivor Corps, a Covid-19 survivor support group. Covid-19 is causing a wide range of symptoms, and hair loss is among the most prominent.

Dr. Natalie Lambert, a professor at Indiana University School of Medicine and Survivor Corps, conducted the survey. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the survey reveals that more people experienced hair loss than nausea or runny nose — two much more typical but actually less common symptoms of COVID-19.

Dermatologists like Dr. Shilpi Khertapal of the Cleveland Clinic report an increase in hair loss reports during the pandemic, even while people have difficulty scheduling dermatologist appointments because of the epidemic.

Actress Alyssa Milano has written about her struggle with hair loss due to a long-haul battle with Covid-19.

The coronavirus related hair loss typically starts during the infection with the virus or shortly afterward, mainly in females.

Our hair follicles are always one of three phases: the growing, resting, or shedding phase. The technical terms are the anagen, catagen, and telogen phases.

When too many follicles are in the telogen or resting phase for too long, we refer to this as telogen effluvium- temporary hair loss. The hair isn’t growing and is shed.

Stress can be a huge factor in hair loss, so you may be experiencing hair loss now due to the stressful situation of Covid-19, even though you have not contracted the virus itself.

I know I am way more stressed than usual, just knowing Covid-19 is growing in our country. It was only recently that I became aware that Covid-19 and stress about the pandemic could be causing hair loss. I’m happy to know we can offer something to help.

There Is Something You Can Do

Oral Supplementation

Doctors recommend supplementation and medication. You can get much of this without a trip to the doctor, which is difficult now. Before taking any supplement, if you have a medical condition or are on medication that concerns you about interactions, consult with your doctor.

Biotin is one of the nutritional supplements doctors recommend. You can start taking this now before you experience hair loss. Biotin and B-complex vitamins are the essential ingredients in our H2G Hair Growth Supplement and BioChooz Complete Hair Growth Gummies. Hair growth supplements are based on B-vitamins which are always good during times of stress. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Direct Follicle Supplementation

This "shock" type of hair loss, while unsettling, is almost always temporary. But, Roots Professional Salon products can help reverse the loss without having to wait until the stress is over or you fully recover from Covid-19. 

Roots products use “Direct Follicle Supplementation,” which time releases medication into the follicle itself. Every pharmaceutical ingredient for growth and regrowth, available without a prescription, is included in the Roots products.

Roots Professional has an entire line of products dedicated to preventing and reversing telogen effluvium. For details on the Roots Product line, see this article.

You will choose a Roots Salon Professional shampoo and conditioner and one or more topical treatments that are applied daily directly to the scalp. CARE and D-Stress will be the two major products to consider for hair loss related to stress. Minoxidil is a super-boost and is recommended by many doctors for many patients. Women need to take precautions when using Minoxidil.


If you are experiencing hair loss, whether it’s coronavirus related or not, and have any questions about how Roots Salon Professionals products could help, please reach out to us. We are here to help. But, at a minimum, you might want to start with our hair growth supplements. They are a great idea anytime- pandemic or not.


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