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Are You Washing Your Face The Wrong Way?- The 4 Things You Need to Know Now

Posted by Katie Pierce on Sep 28th 2021

Are You Washing Your Face The Wrong Way?- The 4 Things You Need to Know Now

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

It is extremely important to wash and cleanse your face and to do it properly. Our faces are constantly exposed to dirt and other impurities that can cause skin concerns. Face washing or face cleansing is the first and most essential steps in your skincare routine. Washing your face correctly, using an appropriate face cleanser, is the best way to maintain your skin health and always have glowing beauty.

Face washing is a simple thing that everyone must do regardless of age, gender, and skin type. While there may be few considerations depending on your skin, it is still considered a necessary step with or without a skincare routine. While it may take a little bit of your time, this is a crucial step to do if you want to have healthy and clear skin.

Face washing is not just splashing water on your face and lathering it with a bar of soap. The soap you use, water temperature, and even how you dry your face with a towel may damage your skin when done incorrectly. This article will tell you how to wash your face the right way:

Wash your face twice a day

By default, it is recommended only to wash your face twice a day: one in the morning right after you wake up and one in the evening before you sleep. It is still permissible to wash your face at any time other than these schedules, but only if necessary, such as after doing sweaty exercises. Washing too much will only cause it more damage. Your body produces natural oils that help to protect your skin. Washing your face frequently will dry out your skin.

Washing your face in the morning will remove the dirt and bacteria in your face from your possible saliva and pillowcases. Meanwhile, washing your face in the evening before you sleep will strip out all the dirt that has accumulated for the day, giving you clean, fresh, and healthy-looking skin eventually.

Use an appropriate cleanser for your skin type

Everyone has their own skin type. They also have different products and routines to keep their skin healthy and clean. There are routines or skin care for acne and breakouts, dry skin, oily, sensitive, and the combination of at least two among these types. Using a face cleanser that is not suitable for your skin will cause damage. It is important to do research first before purchasing a product and using it as your own.

Searching for your skin type products may cause a bit of time but is certainly worth it. You can also try to ask other people with the same skin type and try out their products. You should see what works for you and what is not. This not only applies to your facial cleanser but to other skin care products as well. Experimenting with different skin care products will lead you to your holy grail routine to give you clear and healthy-looking skin.

Don’t over-exfoliate

You might already hear the term exfoliate or exfoliation. Exfoliating products are also one of the most popular skin care products that everyone must-have. It is the process of scrubbing or rubbing your face with grainy skin care products to remove dead skin cells. While this helps in cleaning and maintaining your skin health, doing it so much will bring you more damage than you have expected.

You have to be careful when exfoliating your face or skin. Our skin has a natural barrier that retains moisture. This barrier may be disrupted and lead to damaged skin Regardless of your skin type, over-exfoliation can cause severe breakouts, acne, and sometimes redness that stings when you apply other products. At best, it is recommended to exfoliate two to three times a week as long as your skin can handle the products and the process.

Wipe your face gently with a clean towel

You might find the idea ridiculous, but wiping your face can sometimes cause additional skin damage when done incorrectly. Harsh rubbing of a towel on your skin in an attempt to dry it will damage your skin. Drying your skin with a towel aggressively can cause skin irritation and inflammation. Of course, the towel should be clean, so it will not bring you any bacteria or dirt after washing.

Gently wiping and patting to dry your face is the best way to wipe off excess water. Experts also say that air drying is the best thing to do to leave some hydration on your skin and help the skin absorb other products better. Your skin should be damp before applying products such as moisturizers or serum. This is perfect for sensitive skin types that can potentially have a breakout or inflammation with minimal towel rubbing.