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A Great Blog For Women

Jul 14th 2022

A Great Blog For Women

You know we're always looking for great resources for. you. We just came across a blog that is made for women and is deliberately inclusive of all types of women. One of the articles that caught our attention was this one- a review of leggings for women with thick thighs.

The blog is by Christine Steuber. There are articles on how to dress for your body type, choose the right color swimsuit, and beauty and health tips. Christine spent years as a marketing professional in the fashion industry. So, she knows what's important to women.

She says, "I’ve worked enough years as a marketing professional in the fashion industry (I was employed as a Market Research Analyst) to understand how trends pick up and drop off. One very useful skill I developed was compelling potential buyers to make well-informed choices. And that’s exactly what I carry forward with my own blog, First for Hers. But just a little more flamboyantly!"

We think you definitely should check out the blog. We've gotten a sneak peek at some upcoming features that look really intriguing.

Check it out now- click here