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3 Ways Stress Impacts Your Hair Health

Posted by Brian D Smith on Mar 12th 2020

3 Ways Stress Impacts Your Hair Health

Hair health is dependent on several factors. Your hair maintenance routine is an obvious one. But, did you know things like nutrition and even your stress levels can impact the appearance of your hair?

We'll discuss three ways stress can impact your hair health and how you can mitigate them. Of course, as much as possible, we should avoid stress. Stress is hard on our bodies in many ways. But, besides going on a permanent vacation, what can you do?

Stress Can Cause Premature Graying

Stress can cause premature graying. Even improper nutrition, missing certain vital minerals, can cause hair to gray prematurely. By taking hair supplements, you can often reduce the amount of premature gray you see in your hair. This is not the normal graying due to age. It can be reversed or prevented.

Hair Loss

Stress leads to the production of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress. Stress can also cause other hormonal imbalances. Hormones are essential to hair growth. When your body is under pressure, it diverts energy and effort away from unnecessary processes like growing hair. This diversion can slow hair growth. In some cases, it can cause hair loss.

Slow Hair Growth

As mentioned before, stress triggers the release of hormones that cause undesired things in your body. One of those things is inflammation. Inflammation in the scalp can slow hair growth. By reducing the swelling and increasing circulation, the rate of hair growth can return to normal.

What You Can Do

There are things you can to reduce the negative impact of stress on hair health. First, get as much rest as possible. Meditation can reduce stress levels. Taking a multivitamin is helpful. Supplements like Treasured Locks H2G Hair Growth Supplement that are designed specifically for hair growth are even better. Some topicals can be applied to your scalp to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and deliver nutrients directly to the hair follicle. An all-natural oil serum like H2G Hair Growth Serum can be helpful. For more advanced cases, Roots Salon Professional D-Stress applied to the scalp twice a day is a powerful remedy.